Saturday, 29 May 2010


As mentioned previously Langdon Beck are holding a beer festival from today til Monday, they have World Sup on.

Baydale Beck have Number 10 and their beer festival started yesterday and continues til Monday.

I am hoping to get to one or both of these festivals - Langdon Beck has lovely views, Baydale Beck only up road and does good priced food - unfortunately I have the aforementioned 60th today and a wedding to attend tomorrow - so will have to see how things go. But, if you can get out please support these festivals - you won't be disappointed!


Anyway all this holidaying you may think I have been skiving off brewing. But prior to going I had brewed and then casked up my next brew, World Sup - 3.6% (malty with a dry hop finish). So when I got back it was straight to work getting it delivered out as follows to:

Langdon Beck - Upper Teesdale for their beer festival this weekend
Stanwick Inn - Aldbrough St John
Quakerhouse - Darlington
Fox And Hounds - Cotherstone
Teesdale Hotel - Middleton In Teesdale
Lord Nelson - Gainford
Vane Arms - Long Newton
A66 Motel - Smallways
Snooker Club - Darlington

I am also attending a 60th birthday in the village today for our retiring postmistress who bagsed the last cask.


Just got back this week from a long holiday in Berwick upon Tweed, as you will know I took some beer on holiday with me (well it's only fair). Golden Number 6 went on at the Pilot and Number 10 at the Barrels Alehouse - both sold out within 24 hours! I met a number of like souls, landlords and drinkers - and got some really good feedback. Indeed they seem keen to have my beer again, and asked that I bring more next time (even less room for the missus's clothes). Have already looked online for possibly booking another trip for later this year.

Friday, 14 May 2010


We now have dates for the 3 Launchings :-

Friday evening June 25th at The Stanwick from 8pm
Saturday evening June 26th at The Crown from 8pm
Sunday afternoon June 27th at The Quakerhouse from 2pm

3 beers - Local (Beer for Local People) 3.8%, Route A66 4.0% & Flower Power 4.3% will all be on at reduced prices, along with some nibbles.
Do try & make it & support Local Beers.

Cheers Pete

Thursday, 13 May 2010


Off to Berwick upon Tweed for a week from tomorrow and looking forward to rest. Whilst some people may pack essentials such as clothes, shoes and camera - two cheeky casks are also travelling to Berwick . Number 10 is going to the Barrels Alehouse, and Golden Number 6 to the Pilot.

Looking forward to drinking my own beer, in some of my favourite pubs on my holiday - think you call that a result - although the wife is none too happy it diminishes the room she has for her clothes in the car - but hey, sacrifices have to be made in these times!

Monday, 10 May 2010

A Hung Parliament - Good result for Number 10!

My next brew, number 10 a Pale Ale ,with citrus & fruity hop flavour, hints of grapefruit & floral on the tongue from the late addition of elderflowers goes out to the following pubs this week:

Baydale Beck at Low Coniscliffe for their beer festival from the 28th -31st May
The Crown Inn at Manfield
The Quakerhouse in Darlington
The Shoulder Of Mutton at Kirby Hill
The Stanwick Inn at Aldbrough St John
The Vane Arms at Long Newton
The Old Yard Tapas Beer in Darlington - remember to get a plastic glass if going outside!
The Snooker Club in Darlington

There are also some persons who have already pre booked my beers for forthcoming birthday parties - you could be lucky and end up drinking it for free (although obviously your host has paid for it)

Saturday, 8 May 2010


Mithtil Ales have had some mention in Mike Amos's column in the Northern Echo on the 27th April and the 4th May respectively - cheers Mr Amos (there will be a pint or two for you if you are able to come round and see the plant)

For those who are interested - the links are below:


As you can gather from last weeks posts May Bank Holiday Weekend was dedicated to the pursuit of beer pleasure - apologies for the tail off on the blog!

Anyway this week Golden Number 6 has gone out to the following pubs:

The Rat Race in Hartlepool - or more precise on Hartlepool Station
The Stanwick in Aldbrough St John
The Darlington Snooker Club
No 22 in Darlington
The White Swan at Gilling West
The A66 Motel on the A66 (Scotch Corner to Penrith not the Boro A66)
The Surtees Arms at Ferryhill
The Blacksmiths Arms at Preston Le Skerne

The Snooker Club put number 6 on last night, and we nipped for some drinks today -
in the words of our Lodger (and no he wasn't paid) - I am told it is 'quality'. It's a golden bitter with a hoppy aftertaste.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

It's A Hard Job But Someone Has To Do It!!

There I was thinking this Saturday was going to be a lazy day and then I was asked if I fancied coming to the Leyburn Food and Drink Festival to assist judging the beer competition. Well if you're twisting my arm - and so am off on the 159 bus from Richmond this morning.

I am also wearing a home made Mithril Ales t shirt, unfortunately the wrong t shirt was ironed to stick the laminate on - (from the Halfway House) . So if you see someone with a t shirt promoting a brewery that was also a champion pub of Scotland you know that's me.

Some info regarding this weeks brew will be posted later this weekend.


When doing some delivering last week managed a quick pop into the Quays, formerly the Queens Head . They now have two real ales on and food. It was only a flying visit - good to see a new real ale pub in the town and well worth a visit.


In the effort of beer research attended the Crown Beer Festival last night, the theme is beers that have been winners at a National Level. A good range of beers was nicely rounded off by Peter's cheeky chilli with pitta - indeed it was so good that we had a nightcap of the same before being summoned by our lift.

Today they have the famous Cornish Pasties on, tomorrow hot beef or pork buns and Monday is a bring your own bar b q.

Oh, and I will also be working in the outside bar on Sunday - I was obviously heavily pressured to do so (not)