Monday, 26 April 2010

Mithril 2 Latest - The Case Of The Popping Shive

Unfortunately, Mithril 2 will not be appearing at The Crown - due to a popping shive which resulted in the beer being lost over the cellar. Apologies to Peter and Karen and anyone who may have been hoping to try it when next at the pub.

At least if you are going this weekend you will have an excellent choice of beer at The Crown Beer Festival which runs til Bank Holiday Monday.

Sunday, 25 April 2010


Hi just a quick drop have been using blog to keep you all up to date with my progress - however whilst it is correct that beer has gone out to pubs listed please note that it is up to the pub when they put the beer on. This will depend on their stock levels and obviously they will rotate according to datal order. Plus it needs to settle once delivered.
If wanting to try the beer perhaps it would be best to phone ahead to avoid disappointment! It is correct that tastings were on at the Stanwick this weekend and also the Snooker club is hoping to have on for Tuesday.

9/10 Lager Drinkers Would Drink Mithril 2

Tastings at Stanwick Inn went well last night - comments positive - 'quaffing' and 'well hopped' seemed to be common descriptions . Would be great to hear from anyone else who gets to drink Mithril 2 either there, or anywhere else in the next couple of weeks - cheers!

Saturday, 24 April 2010



Beer On The Move

Off this afternoon on deliveries - The County at Aycliffe are now also taking a delivery of Mithril Number 2.
Tastings being served out at the Stanwick Inn at Aldbrough St John tonight - I will be on hand from about 9.00pm to assist, meet brewer etc - hope to see you!

Friday, 23 April 2010

The Beer Has Left The Building!

Hi All,

Thought I’d just let you know current state of play re brewing. It’s all been a bit manic really – working a job on top of a job. However, the first beer is now due to go out this weekend to the following pubs:

The Stanwick Inn in Aldbrough – who will be putting tasters out from Saturday night
The Crown Inn at Manfield
Shoulder of Mutton at Kirby Hill
Four Alls at Ovington
Darlington Snooker Club
The Vane Arms at Long Newton
Up and coming beer festival at the Oddfellows at North Shields

I’m still experimenting a bit, and so at this time not badging as per pump clips shown on the mithril ales website and blog until I tweak and respond to comments. The official launch has been put back slightly (also wife will be unhappy if we don’t go off on hols in May)
As the Prisoner is currently on TV, decided to go for Mithril Ales number 2, and number 6 will be following on – I am saving the number 1 for something really special.

Website – - If you do get a chance to try would love comments on my Blog

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

First Brew - not First Blood

With all things vampyric being the rage I did have the idea of calling my first ale - First Blood
- but as Corinna pointed out it may have been thought I was an avid Sylvester Stallone fan. (I know the 1980's are back, but I'm not that retro!')
Anyway given The Prisoner is back on TV, and I always used to watch this as a kid I thought why not give it a theme around this - so Number 2 is ready and hopefully going out to pubs this weekend -i'll let you know which one's shortly. Where Number 2 is, so Number 6 must follow and this should be ready end of next week.
You may wonder why I haven't started with number 1, or the ales shown on my website - but being a failed pharmacist (spent too much time drinking beer in Sunderland poly bar) I am experimenting with hops and flavours at the moment. Also think number 1 needs to be saved for a something special later Looking for comments on these beers - and would be happy to take these via the blog or email on website.
Welcome to the Mithril Ales blog site where I will keep you informed of developments