Wednesday, 19 June 2013


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Yes, I know Father's Day was at the weekend. Unfortunately the decorating requirements of Mrs Mithril had to take precedence and the blog is still running behind.

However,  I did make sure I bought my dad a card and pressie in time for the big day - unless I wanted my aXXe kicked it would have been stupid to do otherwise.

I imagine Pop's Pint has been and gone, but it was delivered out to the following fine establishments:

The Old Well, Barnard Castle
The Countryman's Inn, Hunton
The Holly Hill Inn, Richmond
The Red Lion, Cotherstone
The Half Moon, Darlington
The New Inn, Thrintoft
The Quakerhouse, Darlington
Derby Beer Festival
Loco No1, Heighington Station
The Croft Hotel, Croft On Tees
The Four Alls, Ovington 
The Stanwick, Aldbrough St John


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